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7 Affirmations That Will Motivate You To Meditate More

Nobody can deny the benefits of meditation anymore. The research is in, and it’s official: meditation makes you happier, healthier, and more productive. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, for many people, the thought of sitting still and being quiet for even five minutes is enough to make them …
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12 Affirmations To Boost Your Ability To Forgive

It’s time to forgive. Forgiveness is important because it allows us to let go of anger and resentment and move on with our lives. It allows us to free ourselves from the chains of the past and live in the present. It’s a freeing experience to forgive, and we all …
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Top 5 Affirmations To Use To Drink More Water

Water is essential for our bodies to function properly. Every cell, tissue, and organ in our body needs water to work properly. Drinking enough water helps to keep our bodies hydrated and functioning at their best. Before we talk about the affirmations, let’s talk about the benefits. There are many …