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12 Affirmations To Deal With An Entitled Person

We have all run into someone who is entitled. They think they are owed everything and should give nothing, and they make their stance known. When someone is acting entitled, it can be difficult to stay calm and rational. After all, no one enjoys being treated like they’re worthless. However, …
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10 Things To Say To Yourself To Stop Complaining

It can be difficult to stop complaining, especially if it’s something that you’ve been doing for a long time. But it’s important to try because complaining does more harm than good. Not only does it make you feel bad about yourself, but it also damages your relationships and can even …
Life Skills

9 Affirmations To Help You Stop Slouching

Slouching is bad for your health. It can cause back pain, neck pain, and headaches. It can also make you look unattractive and unprofessional. But the worst part is that it sends a signal to your brain that you’re not confident. And when your brain gets that message, it becomes …